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(4) The next request, for a small site in
the vicinity of Canton city, where your barbarian merchants may lodge
or, alternatively, that there be no longer any restrictions over their
movements at Aomen, has arisen from the following causes. Hitherto, the
barbarian merchants of Europe have had a definite locality assigned to
them at Aomen for residence and trade, and have been forbidden to
encroach an inch beyond the limits assigned to that locality…. If
these restrictions were withdrawn, friction would inevitably occur
between the Chinese and your barbarian subjects, and the results would
militate against the benevolent regard that I feel towards you. From
every point of view, therefore, it is best that the regulations now in
force should continue unchanged….

与 一九九三年开港的时候相比,关西航空港的片段区域曾经现身地层下陷的主题材料,过去四回沙尘卷风,也曾造成跑道淹水。关西飞机场集团通过加强洪水防守以致加高防浪墙等办法防备。但照旧被
“飞燕” 带给的 “风暴潮” 给击垮。

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9 月 5 日清早,神户飞机场的 3 艘高速艇也立时前往关西航空港扶持,早上追加至
艘,此外高速巴士也从深夜八点上马从光复的单向联外道路疏散人工流产。直到深夜11 点,总括 9 个钟头,关西航空港撤出滞留在“飞机场岛”上的 7800人。

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咨尔皇上,远在重洋,倾心向化,特遣使恭赍表章,航海来廷,叩祝万寿,并备进方物,用将忱悃(还带了点不清红包,忠心可嘉卡塔尔。**朕披阅表文,词意肫恳,具见国王恭顺之诚,深为嘉许。全部赍到表贡之正职和副职使臣,念其奉使远涉,推恩加礼。已令大臣辅导瞻觐(让大臣引导他们崇敬天朝文明,赐予筵宴,叠合赏赉,用示怀柔。其已回珠山之管船官役人等八百余名,虽今后京,朕亦优加奖励,俾得普沾恩泽,玉石俱焚(已经回来宿雾珠山的管船役使等600多少人即使并未有来京,小编也仁同一视授予优厚表彰,让我们都沾沾光卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎。**

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You, O King, from afar have yearned after
the blessings of our civilisation, and in your eagerness to come into
touch with our converting influence have sent an Embassy across the sea
bearing a memorial. I have already taken note of your respectful spirit
of submission, have treated your mission with extreme favour and loaded
it with gifts, besides issuing a mandate to you, O King, and honouring
you with the bestowal of valuable presents. Thus has my indulgence been


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8 月 30 日到 9 月 5

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betway必威官网,而就在飞燕刚走不到一天,前日( 6 日卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar)晚上 2 时左右,东瀛千宝秦淮区发生震度
6.7 级的强烈地震,这几天山梨县国内高达 295 万户停电。

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If you assert that your reverence for Our
Celestial dynasty fills you with a desire to acquire our civilisation,
our ceremonies and code of laws differ so completely from your own that,
even if your Envoy were able to acquire the rudiments of our
civilisation, you could not possibly transplant our manners and customs
to your alien soil. Therefore, however adept the Envoy might become,
nothing would be gained thereby.

新瓦伦西亚站的转乘人潮(图 / 狄宜洁卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar)

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诚如的话,要谨防风暴潮能够通过防潮堤、防潮护岸、水门、陆闸和排液下泵站等方式。1958年 9 月伊势湾暴风引发潮灾之后,壹玖伍捌 年东瀛建造的防潮堤和护岸延龙潜月 4.4
千公里,到了 一九八七 时期,防潮堤和护岸又拉开至 9
千英里,占濑户内海岸线总参谋长的 54% 以上。

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I have perused your memorial: the earnest
terms in which it is couched reveal a respectful humility on your part,
which is highly praiseworthy. In consideration of the fact that your
Ambassador and his deputy have come a long way with your memorial and
tribute, I have shown them high favour and have allowed them to be
introduced into my presence. To manifest my indulgence, I have
entertained them at a banquet and made them numerous gifts. I have also
caused presents to be forwarded to the Naval Commander and six hundred
of his officers and men, although they did not come to Peking, so that
they too may share in my all-­embracing kindness.

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Moreover, our Celestial dynasty possesses
vast territories, and tribute missions from the dependencies are
provided for by the Department for Tributary States, which ministers to
their wants and exercises strict control over their movements. It would
be quite impossible to leave them to their own devices. Supposing that
your Envoy should come to our Court, his language and national dress
differ from that of our people, and there would be no place in which to
bestow him. It may be suggested that he might imitate the Europeans
permanently resident in Peking and adopt the dress and customs of China,
but, it has never been our dynasty’s wish to force people to do things
unseemly and inconvenient. Besides, supposing I sent an Ambassador to
reside in your country, how could you possibly make for him the
requisite arrangements? Europe consists of many other nations besides
your own: if each and all demanded to be represented at our Court, how
could we possibly consent? The thing is utterly impracticable. How can
our dynasty alter its whole procedure and system of etiquette,
established for more than a century, in order to meet your individual
views? If it be said that your object is to exercise control over your
country’s trade, your nationals have had full liberty to trade at Canton
for many a year, and have received the greatest consideration at our
hands. Missions have been sent by Portugal and Italy, preferring similar
requests. The Throne appreciated their sincerity and loaded them with
favours, besides authorising measures to facilitate their trade with
China. You are no doubt aware that, when my Canton merchant, Wu
Chao-ping, who was in debt to foreign ships. I made the Viceroy advance
the monies due, out of the provincial treasury, and ordered him to
punish the culprit severely. Why then should foreign nations advance
this utterly unreasonable request to be represented at my Court? Peking
is nearly two thousand miles from Canton, and at such a distance what
possible control could any British representative exercise?

年年龙卷风数量(图/《平成 30 年版防灾白书》卡塔尔国

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若云尔国君为照望买卖起见,则尔国人在塞维福冈交易非止十三十一日,原无不加以恩视(若派人来京是为着照望购销起见,那您国人在阿瓜斯卡连特斯交易亦不是一天两日了,天朝原本对商家就从未有过珍视卡塔尔。即如此前博尔都噶尔亚、意达哩亚等国反复遣使来朝,亦曾以照看贸易为请。天朝鉴其悃忱,优加体恤(像早先葡萄牙共和国(República Portuguesa卡塔尔国、意国几国一些次派人来,也早已以照应贸易的名义请本人照望。天朝看她们挺真诚的,也不便于,就多加体恤卡塔尔。凡遇这个国家等交易之事,无不照看周备。前次黑龙江商户吴昭平有拖欠洋船价值银两个,俱饬令该管总督由官库内先行动支帑项代为偿还,并将拖欠商人重治其罪。想这事尔国亦闻知矣,外国又何苦派人留京,为此越例断不可行之请?况留人在京,距热那亚贸易处所几及万里,伊亦何能照应耶(并且你们派人驻京,京城距布尔萨大致敬气风发万里,他怎可以照应到?卡塔尔国?**若云赞佩天朝,欲其观习教导,则天朝自有天朝礼法,与尔国各不相符。尔国所留之人即能习学,尔国自有民俗制度,亦断不可能模仿中中原人民共和国,即学会亦属无效**。

2018 年 9 月 4 日,是东瀛关西航空港启用的 24 周年。

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天朝扶有随处,惟持始终如一,办理行政事务,希世奇宝,并不贵重(天朝管辖的地点那么大,小编想的是怎么努力,至于稀世宝贝啥的自家并不看得相当的重卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar)。尔国君本次赍进各物,念其诚心远献,特谕该管衙门收纳(你啊此次进贡了超多赠品,念你极度真诚大老远献来了,小编才特意下旨让有关部门收了卡塔尔。**实质上帝朝德威远被,万国来王,各样贵重之物,梯航毕集,无所下有,尔之正使等所亲见(其实天朝德泽四方,威加大地,万国来朝,通过水田和旱地两路给作者进贡,咱什么贵重玩意儿都不缺,那一个你的使节都以亲眼见过的卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎。然从不贵奇巧,并无更需尔国制办物件。是尔君王所请派人留京一事,于天朝体制既属不合,而于尔国亦殊觉无益。特此详晰开示,遣令该使等安程归国(笔者把话都挑明了,现令让您国使者登时安排回国路程卡塔尔**尔太岁惟当善体朕意,益励款诚,永矢恭顺,以保义尔有邦,共享太平之福(圣上你应该很好地通晓笔者的意味,对天朝要极其热诚归附,发誓永恒对天朝恭顺,天朝的恩情就能够施予你们国家,一同创建筑协会和社会卡塔尔国。除正职和副职使臣以下各官及通事兵役人等正贯加赏各物件另单赏给外,兹因尔国使臣回国,特颁敕谕,并赐赍尔皇上文绮珍物,具如常仪,加赐彩缎罗绮,文玩器械诸珍(除了正职和副职使臣以下一干人等都按品级赏给各个物件,因为你国使者顿时快要回国,作者又特意下令,除了按常规赏给你的风趣意儿以外,加赐你极端浮华、文玩器材等风趣意儿若干卡塔尔国,另有项目清单。王其祗受,悉朕眷怀(皇恩浩荡,那都是自家对你们的爱抚卡塔尔国


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From Backhouse, E. and J. O. P. Bland, Annals
and Memoirs of the Court of Peking. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1914. pp.

贰零零玖 年 5 月尾始就在外市町村宣布注意预先报告和警告。

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You, O King, live beyond the confines of
many seas. Nevertheless, impelled by your humble desire to partake of
the benefits of our civilisation, you have dispatched a mission
respectfully bearing your memorial. Your Envoy has crossed the seas and
paid his respects at my Court on the anniversary of my birthday. To show
your devotion, you have also sent offerings of your country’s

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Yesterday your Ambassador petitioned my
Ministers to memorialise me regarding your trade with China, but his
proposal is not consistent with our dynastic usage and cannot be
entertained. Hitherto, all European nations, including your own
country’s barbarian merchants, have carried on their trade with our
Celestial Empire at Canton. Such has been the procedure for many years,
although our Celestial Empire possesses all things in prolific abundance
and lacks no product within its own borders. There was therefore no need
to import the manufactures of outside barbarians in exchange for our own
produce. But as the tea, silk and porcelain which the Celestial Empire
produces, are absolute necessities to European nations and to
yourselves, we have permitted, as a signal mark of favour, that foreign
hongs [merchant firms] should be established at Canton, so that your
wants might be supplied and your country thus participate in our
beneficence. But your Ambassador has now put forward new requests which
completely fail to recognise the Throne’s principle to “treat strangers
from afar with indulgence,” and to exercise a pacifying control over
barbarian tribes, the world over. Moreover, our dynasty, swaying the
myriad races of the globe, extends the same benevolence towards all.
Your England is not the only nation trading at Canton. If other nations,
following your bad example, wrongfully importune my ear with further
impossible requests, how will it be possible for me to treat them with
easy indulgence? Nevertheless, I do not forget the lonely remoteness of
your island, cut off from the world by intervening wastes of sea, nor do
I overlook your excusable ignorance of the usages of our Celestial
Empire. I have consequently commanded my Ministers to enlighten your
Ambassador on the subject, and have ordered the departure of the
mission. But I have doubts that, after your Envoy’s return he may fail
to acquaint you with my view in detail or that he may be lacking in
lucidity, so that I shall now proceed . . . to issue my mandate on each
question separately. In this way you will, I trust, comprehend my


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As to your entreaty to send one of your
nationals to be accredited to my Celestial Court and to be in control of
your country’s trade with China, this request is contrary to all usage
of my dynasty and cannot possibly be entertained. It is true that
Europeans, in the service of the dynasty, have been permitted to live at
Peking, but they are compelled to adopt Chinese dress, they are strictly
confined to their own precincts and are never permitted to return home.
You are presumably familiar with our dynastic regulations. Your proposed
Envoy to my Court could not be placed in a position similar to that of
European officials in Peking who are forbidden to leave China, nor could
he, on the other hand, be allowed liberty of movement and the privilege
of corresponding with his own country; so that you would gain nothing by
his residence in our midst.


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28 个都道府县。在那之中山大学阪、滋贺、爱知和三重 4
个府县的受魔难程度最沉痛,总共招致 拾壹人寿终正寝,最少 680 四个人受伤。

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Qianlong’s Letter to George III, 1793

飞燕龙卷风的火急警示(图 / 廖彦朋卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎

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至尔帝王表内恳请派生机勃勃尔国之人住居天朝,关照尔国买卖生机勃勃节,此则与天朝体制不合,断不可行。平素西洋多个国家有愿来天朝当差之人,原准其来京,但既来之后,即遵用天朝性格很顽强在荆棘满途或巨大压力面前不屈色,安置堂内,长久不许复回国内,此系天朝定制,想尔太岁亦所知悉。今尔皇帝欲求派意气风发尔国之人居住京城,既无法若来京当差之西奥地利人,在京居住不回国内,又不足听其来往,常通信息,实为无用之事。且天朝所管地方至为广远,凡外藩使臣到京,驿馆必要,行为举止出入,俱有早晚体制,从无听其放肆之例。今尔国若留人在京,言语不通,服装殊制,无地能够布署。若必似来京当差之西美国人,令其意气风发律改易时装,天朝亦不肯强人以所难。设天朝欲差人常驻尔国,亦岂尔国所能遵行(假使笔者天朝也派人常住你国,大概你国也不容许呢?卡塔尔?况西洋诸国甚多,非止尔一国,若俱似尔主公恳请派人留京,岂会意气风发生机勃勃听许?是那一件事断难准行。岂会因尔国君壹人之请,以致更张天朝百年法度(不可能因为圣上你一位之请,将天朝一百多年的规矩给废了卡塔 尔(英语:State of Qatar)。


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(3) Your request for a small island near
Chusan, where your merchants may reside and goods be warehoused, arises
from your desire to develop trade. As there are neither foreign hongs
nor interpreters in or near Chusan, where none of your ships have ever
called, such an island would be utterly useless for your purposes. Every
inch of the territory of our Empire is marked on the map and the
strictest vigilance is exercised over it all: even tiny islets and
far­lying sand­banks are clearly defined as part of the provinces to
which they belong. Consider, moreover, that England is not the only
barbarian land which wishes to establish . . . trade with our Empire:
supposing that other nations were all to imitate your evil example and
beseech me to present them each and all with a site for trading
purposes, how could I possibly comply? This also is a flagrant
infringement of the usage of my Empire and cannot possibly be

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(7) Regarding your nation’s worship of
the Lord of Heaven, it is the same religion as that of other European
nations. Ever since the beginning of history, sage Emperors and wise
rulers have bestowed on China a moral system and inculcated a code,
which from time immemorial has been religiously observed by the myriads
of my subjects. There has been no hankering after heterodox doctrines.
Even the European (missionary) officials in my capital are forbidden to
hold intercourse with Chinese subjects; they are restricted within the
limits of their appointed residences, and may not go about propagating
their religion. The distinction between Chinese and barbarian is most
strict, and your Ambassador’s request that barbarians shall be given
full liberty to disseminate their religion is utterly

依据《朝日新闻》报纸发表,当天扶桑飞行的国内及国际线合计 324个航班、全日本航空公司合计 334 航班全体停飞。

betway必威官网 29

It may be, O King, that the above
proposals have been wantonly made by your Ambassador on his own
responsibility, or peradventure you yourself are ignorant of our
dynastic regulations and had no intention of transgressing them when you
expressed these wild ideas and hopes…. If, after the receipt of this
explicit decree, you lightly give ear to the representations of your
subordinates and allow your barbarian merchants to proceed to Chêkiang
and Tientsin, with the object of landing and trading there, the
ordinances of my Celestial Empire are strict in the extreme, and the
local officials, both civil and military, are bound reverently to obey
the law of the land. Should your vessels touch the shore, your merchants
will assuredly never be permitted to land or to reside there, but will
be subject to instant expulsion. In that event your barbarian merchants
will have had a long journey for nothing. Do not say that you were not
warned in due time! Tremblingly obey and show no negligence! A special

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原标题:双语||乾隆帝圣上给大不列颠及英格兰联合王国圣上George三世的信(中日语卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎


betway必威官网 32

Swaying the wide world, I have but one
aim in view, namely, to maintain a perfect governance and to fulfil the
duties of the State: strange and costly objects do not interest me. If I
have commanded that the tribute offerings sent by you, O King, are to be
accepted, this was solely in consideration for the spirit which prompted
you to dispatch them from afar. Our dynasty’s majestic virtue has
penetrated unto every country under Heaven, and Kings of all nations
have offered their costly tribute by land and sea. As your Ambassador
can see for himself, we possess all things. I set no value on objects
strange or ingenious, and have no use for your country’s manufactures.
This then is my answer to your request to appoint a representative at my
Court, a request contrary to our dynastic usage, which would only result
in inconvenience to yourself. I have expounded my wishes in detail and
have commanded your tribute Envoys to leave in peace on their homeward
journey. It behoves you, O King, to respect my sentiments and to display
even greater devotion and loyalty in future, so that, by perpetual
submission to our Throne, you may secure peace and prosperity for your
country hereafter. Besides making gifts (of which I enclose an
inventory) to each member of your Mission, I confer upon you, O King,
valuable presents in excess of the number usually bestowed on such
occasions, including silks and curios-a list of which is likewise
enclosed. Do you reverently receive them and take note of my tender
goodwill towards you! A special mandate.

此番 “飞燕” 沙暴使得海水进步超越 3 米,打破 壹玖陆伍年台风变成阿塞拜疆巴库港的水位达 2.93

原标题:【非凡课件】人事教育局编版历史六年级上第5课 赫尔辛基城邦和布加勒斯特帝国


就在飞燕刚走不到一天,前几天(6 日卡塔尔早晨 2
时左右,东瀛三重县产生震度 6.7 级的强烈地震

betway必威官网 33

从湖北到东瀛出差的狄宜洁正是里面一位,若依照原订计划,9 月 4


二零一六 年 4 月至 2017 年 3 月的场地警告数(图/《平成 30 年版防灾白书》卡塔尔国

betway必威官网 34


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关西航空港2018年的使用人口达 2880
5.64 兆韩元,进口为 3.94 兆港币。出口以元素半导体等电子零组件为主,金额高达
1.29 兆法郎,进口则是以医药品为主,金额为 6,000 亿英镑。

betway必威官网 36

任什么人也没料到,这一天关西航空港会被今年第 21
号大风暴“飞燕”给重击——东瀛气象厅称得上 25

betway必威官网 37

据他们说《平成 30 年版(2018卡塔尔国防灾白书》的数目,从 1948年最早,扶桑一年一度经历的强龙卷风数量少至 10 多少个,多至 30

betway必威官网 38


betway必威官网 39

头天晚上,狄宜洁收到菲律宾航空的关照,表达班机将延误至隔天( 5
日卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎深夜 12

betway必威官网 40

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betway必威官网 42

题图来自 NASA/ISS/凯琳 Nyberg @flickr

betway必威官网 43


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人口它是个难点 | 5个月推荐 50

2018 年 1二月,日本庆应义塾大学、情报通讯研讨部门和防灾科学技巧商量所在“防 灾 AI 共同 研 究 会 议”上发表 “SNS
3300 万条,包蕴 推特(Twitter)(TWT瑞鹰.US)、LINE。

一九九五 年坂神、淡路大地震,能够说是东瀛防灾措施的第一分界线,这一次产生 6400



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